Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the bus on the way to work today, it occurred to me that I am wearing the same outfit that I wore out clubbing two Saturdays ago. Same tank top, same skirt. Same necklace even. The only difference is that I'm wearing sandals instead of my beloved boots. I'm not sure if this means that I dress too skanky for work, or not skanky enough when I go clubbing.

My radio feed over the internet has wigged out on me (I think I just need to re-boot my computer - that usually fixes things), but the silence has made me aware that there is a freaking weird noise coming out of the radiator in my office. I'm actually somewhat terrified that it may be one of those hissing wolf spiders I've heard about. Dear god, don't let it be a hissing wolf spider! I'm up on the 6th floor - there shouldn't be spiders this high up, should there?

And speaking of being on the 6th floor, by the time I leave today, I will have walked up 23 flights of stairs, and down 23 flights of stairs. So that should make up for my complete lack of half marathon training, right?


Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure if this means that I dress too skanky for work, or not skanky enough when I go clubbing."

You rock for this line.

Anonymous said...

A good site for ideas about getting rid of spiders non-chemically is:

And another interesting bit of info:


Beth said...

Before I look at those links, I need to know - are there pictures of spiders on them? Because I can't look if there are pictures of spiders on them. Honestly, when I took Zoology, I skipped the chapter on arachnids completely, 'cuz I can't even look at a photo of them!! I was willing to give up any marks on any exam that would ask about spiders!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to mention it. There are no pictures. I'm also not happy seeing spiders but the live ones are worse than still pictures for me.
I'm going to try and anti-spider my place this weekend.