Thursday, February 15, 2007


Tamara brought me this necklace back from Thailand:

And this bracelet from Fiji:

We also think she may have brought back dengue virus, but we aren't quite sure.


Rebecca said...

Are you sure she didn't bring back this?

Darren said...

Is her tongue black? I believe that's a symptom.

Courtney-O said...

I love that necklace!! Can I borrow it the next time I go out??

Beth said...

Rebecca - It's possible. We thought it might be malaria, then perhaps typhoid, then we considered a diagnosis of typho-dengue (a chimeric virus which we believe has only occurred in Tamara). But now we've settled on SARS. Yes, we are pretty sure it's SARS.

I can't believe I just used the word chimeric.

Darren - Um, I don't think it is. Although I believe Ebola (another hemorrhagic fever disease) causes black vomit. Yum.

Courtney - Ya, sure! Just drop by anytime you want to borrow it =P

Jorge said...

That necklace is cool.
But some poor bastard is missing part of his eyeball now.