Friday, November 17, 2006


This is my 200th blog posting And in honour of this momentous occasion, I’m writing a 200 word blog entry. And each word is hyperlinked. The kicker is that each word may or may not be linked to something that is even remotely related to the word in question. Yes, I have too much time on my hands. And so do you if you are reading this.

My very first post was on 8 July 2005. Meaning that it took me four hundred and ninty-eight days to get to the 200th post. I think that my favourite title of any of my blog postings wasYet Another Reason That the PM is a Dickhead.”
AlthoughExploding TrousersandIntimate Contact with Chickensare also good. Necromouse remains the coolest photo on the blog (although me riding the mechanical bull seems to get rave reviews for some reason) and I will always have a special place in my heart for the PhDizzle posting. I still can’t decide if I should rename my blog to something cooler thanThesis Writing Was Hell.” I’m still rather partial to The Total Perspective Vortex, but I’m not sold on it.

Also, Taylor Pyatt.

The End


Anonymous said...


Loved poopvictoria, snug, turning off the Internet (which caused me no small amount of panic), and of course: CRIMETIME!

You set the bar pretty high, though. What happens when you get to 2000 posts?

Beth said...

Dave - did you actually click on all 200 links? My roommate totally didn't believe me that anyone would actually look at the links.

When I get to 2000 posts, I think I'll have to hire a team of monkeys to randomly pick links for me.

Beth said...

P.S. Nothing beats CRIMETIME!

Sarah said...

Particularly CRIMETIME in German...or the VHS version of which can be procured on ebay for very little cash!

Congrats on #200, honey! It is always a pleasure to read your makes me feel like we live closer, and it is reminiscent of our "surreptitious note exchange" all through high school. You'll have to break out a "69 kinkiest..." entry soon!

Courtney-O said...

Okay, my cursor just happened to be resting on a word ('for') that was a link to BradPittNude!!!!!

How awesome is that? I always know I can count on you, Beth. Happy 200th!! (You know, people will probably be celebrating 200th birthdays within the next few generations. That's weird. And kinda cool.)

Kris said...

I went over each of them too. I probably shouldn't have admitted that one.