Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Double Think

I have been telling myself for weeks that I have a good 5 hour flight to Toronto during which to start planning my course (the one that starts in January). I have also been telling myself that the reason I like to take the red eye flight is that I can sleep on the plane and thus don't feel like I've lost a whole day due to traveling1. It only occurred for me yesterday evening as I was packing for my 11:50 p.m. flight that I can't do both of these things.

So, which of these did I end up doing on the flight? Neither. I spent most of the time chatting with the very friendly and very entertaining girl who was sitting next to me2. A girl who just so happened to have seen this picture of me from last year's Northern Voice conference the just other day. Small freaking world.

1It's about a 4.5 hr flight, plus a 3 hour time difference.
2Although I did sleep for about an hour, as we started to watch the in-flight movie3, which seemed entertaining, but apparently not enough to keep me awake at 2 a.m.


Kalev said...

I knew you weren't going to sleep on the plane. I think I even told you that.

Anyway, don't feel bad: I simultaneously believed I was going to Europe this summer at the same time I was going to be taking a 6-credit course. It was very weird when I finally figured it out, like you at the last minute.

Duane Storey said...

Whenever I sign up for the red-eye, I'm convinced I'm going to sleep as well. However, I rarely do and I get to Toronto grumpy and tired, and spend all day bitching and wishing I were sleeping.

So not sure if it really saves me a day.

Anonymous said...

You know, everyone recognizes you from that photo because I know that you secretly spam everyone on the internet with it, resulting in situations like this...

Stranger: Hey aren't you that girl from that picture I got in that spa-
[Beth skillfully interrupts by bating her lashes...]