Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Points Updates

Well, it took 11 days, but someone *finally* contacted me via my new cellie and uttered the magic works: Thirteenth Step Rocks! And so, Jody wins 100 points! Yay Jody!

Now, everyone seems to think that these blog points that I like to throw around all willy nilly should have some actual purpose. I will take that under advisement. In the meantime, here is an accounting of the point standings so far:




So, even though I have no idea what these points will be worth, you *know* you are jealous of Dave's point total. Admit it!


Kelly said...

*hanging head in shame*


Beth said...

Clearly you need to try harder. Or I need to offer more points. Or both.

Dave said...

Sweet! I had no idea I held such a commanding lead. I think I'll laze around and rest on my laurels for a while...