Monday, March 12, 2007

You Can See The Mountains From My Office!!

As you know, today was my first day of work. My job rocks!! There's lots to do but so much of it is going to be fun and challenging and I'll get to use a lot of my mad skillz, but also learn cool new things. Had a meeting today with some of the key players and everyone seems very excited about the program and totally cool.

And did I mention that I have a HUGE office with a big window with a view of the friggin' mountains??? And there's a Tim Horton's on site (although I probably won't go there that much, seeing as there is free coffee in the lunch room. Free! They really should mention that in the list of benefits when they offered the job*). And did I mention the mountains???

*You think listing free coffee as a "benefit" is a crazy idea? 'cuz Genentech does. Seriously, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

My "office" is not so big.
In fact, it's a cube.
And I have a view of the firehose.


Duane Storey said...

Hmm, sounds alot like my office (Tims, mountains).. Are you downtown?

Stacia said...

I'm so jealous. You have a job, an office (I always had to share a crappy office with 4 other TAs) and moutains. Can you hook me up?

Beth said...

Jorge - Hey, have you ever seen the movie Cube? That movie is f'd up. Is that what your "office" is like?

Duane - nope, not downtown.

Stacia - Wish I could hook you up at my office. The commute would be a bitch from where you are though!

Anonymous said...

I want mountains!!