Saturday, September 23, 2006

Way Out Auctions

Check it out - I'm on Way Out Auctions - a site dedicated to the strange, weird, and wild things on eBay! Can't find me? I'm located right between the evil Jesus doll and the bottle of triple blessed holy water. And I'm pleased to say that I'm currently at a much higher bid than either of those fine products.

The current bid is US$17.50. And to be quite honest, I'm quite curious to know who this high bidder, thayanis, is... I guess only time will tell.

Strangely, the counter on my auction seems to have reset itself. I had over 180 on the counter at one point, and when I checked back it was at 3. Weird. It's back up to 25, so I guess I'm pushing 200 actual people having viewed it (as I'm assuming that some of those 25 were part of the original 180+). And you still have 5.5 days to bid - bid now, bid often!

On a completely unrelated note, the NHL preseason has started. And, in each of his first two starts as a Canuck, Roberto Luongo let in the first shot of the game, both times. Oh yes, I think Luongo is going to fit right in with the 'nucks!


HMP said...

The used condom is gross and disturbing and I have already been in contact with too many.

Jorge said...

Katie's comment is very disturbing.

Way to be way out, Bethie!

orion said...

hey check out they are dedicated to all the weird and bizarre ebay auctions. pretty cool site.