Monday, September 18, 2006

All Hail the Interweb!

Damn, I love the interweb. Only on this information superfreeway can you find such fine products as this:

Click here for details on what this actually is. And props to Jason* for bringing this product to my attention.

Also found on the webernet:

Click here for the whole collection of X-ray sex pics**.

Good times. Good times.

*Jason, I'm pretty sure you are going to hell. I'll meet you there.

**Along with some other weird stuff. If anyone can tell me what the weird contraption in the other photos is, please enlighten me!


Courtney-O said...


Jorge said...

Talk about seeing through the act!

In other news...
Maybe I'll bid on that paper. Does the model come with the winnings? ;)


Beth said...

My favourite thing about that X-ray pic is that you can see the guy has his hand on the girl's head!

Avigadro said...

I looked into what the contraption was in the pictures (check cloaca on wikipedia). In summary:

The machine was "fed" an exquisite meal twice a day, the feces coming out at the other end of the processing unit as a result of the "digestion" of the food.

Very nice, eh?

Beth said...

That's quite disgusting, Avigadro! Thanks for checking into that for us!