Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cool People

Cool People Who Are Coming to My Defence*
(in alphabetical order)
  • Jennifer Bedford
  • Danielle Billey
  • Shalu Duggal
  • Kalev Hunt
  • Jenny Lee
  • Laura Leemon
  • Sarah MacDonald-McLean
  • Kim Mayes
  • Dave McLean
  • Larry Mroz
  • Candice Rideout
  • Craig Smith
  • David Simpson
  • Ziba Vaghri

Cool People Who Will Be With Me In Spirit

  • Daniela (Whitehorse)
  • Jorge (Toronto)
  • JWo (Toronto)
  • Kaede (Toronto)
  • Nancy (Toronto)
  • Rebecca (Sudbury)
  • Steph (writing an exam! boo-urns!)

People Who Haven't Yet Decided If They Are Cool Enough to Attend

  • Angela
  • Dave B
  • Dave K
  • Erika
  • Jordy

Uncool People Who Are Refusing to Come to My Graduation

My dad

*I'll add people to this list if anyone else tells me that they are going to attend


Rebecca said...

Does it count if I'll be there in spirit?

(Congrats and best of luck with your defense!)

Beth said...

Rebecca -- that totally counts! And has been duly noted in the new "cool people who will be with me in spirit" section!

Jorge said...

I will be there in spirit to rally to your defense if you need it.

Dave is actually picking up my spirit on the way to BC.

Beth said...

Thanks, Jorge! Your spirit can use its wicked martial arts skills if it needs to rally to my defence. Cool.

J Wo said...

Good luck on your defense. Wish I could be there!

Why isn't your dad going to grad? Will your mom at least be there?

Beth said...

My mom, sister, brother-in-law and neice are all going to come to my grad. But my dad.... well, who would take care of the pigeons, Jen, who? Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Sarah said...

B...don't forget the chickens or the pheasants...

It's March 11th and I am at work, thinking that one month from today, I will be flying to Vancouver to see you!!