Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolution, Take 2

Happy New Year's all y'all. My New Year's was rung in in low key fashion, having caught some sort of nasty virus from, no doubt, germy Ontarians on my flight home to Vancouver. I'm sitting in bed, about to go off to dreamland, but *had* to blog today because I've decided to make the same resolution this year as I made last year:

"...to post something on my blog every single day of the year. Because god knows I need to be on the internet more than I already am."

Last year I made it for 88 days before I missed one. Do you think I can top that this year?


Dave said...

What you have to do is get yourself an intern. Then you can just bark some writing ideas at them when you're too busy or you're on the road. "Give me 250 words on pastafarianism. Make it funny, too, or you're fucking fired."

Beth said...

Interns are the ones who aren't paid, right? If so, I think this is a great idea!