Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can't Blog. Skiing.

Will report in later.


Kalev said...

I love how you're all "Oh I'm poor" but you can afford hockey and skiing.

I'm poor too, you know! Just because I'm going to Europe for three weeks doesn't mean I'm not!


Kalev said...

P.S. That doesn't count as a blog entry.

Dave said...

You wacky Vancouver people with your healthy lifestyles. When are you finally going to realize that being slothful is the true way to self-actualization?

Beth said...

Kalev - It's not "Oh I'm poor" *BUT* I can afford hockey and skiing. It's "Oh I'm poor *BECAUSE* I play hockey and ski.

And you are so not poor.

And it so does count as a blog entry!