Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thigh Highs

Remember last year when I bitched about nylons, specifically the fact that they are way too big for lil' ole' 5 ft tall me? Sarah provided me with some size "A" nylons (which apparently you have to be a Costco member to buy), which were an improvement over the size "B" ones I am forced to buy at any store to which I have access. But they were still a wee bit too big. So I've come up with a new and improved solution.

Thigh highs.

The nice things about thigh highs are:
  • although, due to my shortness, they are still too long for me, that just means that they come up higher on my thigh than the sort of mid-thigh location that they appear to come up to on the model's thigh in the picture on the packaging. Which is much better than full nylons, where the nylons totally bunch up at the top.
  • when I put a hole through a thigh high, I only have to throw out one leg (as opposed to regular nylons, where a hole in one leg means you need to throw out a whole pair).
  • they are damn sexy
That is all I have to report.


Darren Barefoot said...

Let me first say "Hurray for thigh highs".

Why do you suppose that CostCo has cornered the market on size A's? I immediately wondered if it was because lots of small Asian women shop at CostCo? I haven't been inside one for years, so I don't know if their demographic is different than the rest of the city.

jacks said...

even though i am taller than you, i only wear knee highs. cause apparently i'm a grandma.

Beth said...

Darren - My friend Sarah actually got those size As at Costco in Ottawa. I have no idea if Costco in Vancouver also hordes all the size As, or if Ontario is refusing to ship us these muchly needed items or just what the deal is.

Jacks - But what do you do if you wear short skirts? You can wear knee highs with short skirts!!

Maya Sulton said...

True, thigh highs are totally sexy, specifically when they are worn with matching lingerie, and it'll surely make you drool, since the texture and feel of those hose is somewhat euphoric. Whenever I'm attending a formal gathering, I always put my best set on the line, with my Marie Jo panties and Prima Donna bras, nothing could possibly go wrong.