Sunday, November 04, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?

I'm back from my gallivanting. Too tired to write about it all now1, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's 2K worth of words for ya...

This is me on Halloween night at, let's say, The Bellagio2.

This is me and my beloved eBay shoes in, let's say, The Venetian3. This picture was taken especially for you, blog readers, because I know you *love* updates on the adventures of my ebay shoes.

1Perhaps I'll pull a Dave and write about *my* trip to Vegas 472 days after said trip.
2 I have to admit that I have trouble remembering which hotel/casino was which because (a) I saw one hell of a lot of hotels/casinos on this trip, (b) each hotel/casino was more ornate than anything I'd *ever* seen in my life, (c) the hotels/casinos were so friggin' big you could be walking for like half an hour and still be in the same friggin' hotel/casino, meaning that I often didn't know which hotel I was in at any given point in time. Also, (d) they give you free drinks.



Dave said...

"Pulling a Dave." Indeed. I don't come here for saucy talk. I get enough of that at home.

Have conferred with Sarah: picture one is definitely the Bellagio. Picture two? Not impossible that that's the Venetian. Can't be more certain than that.

Jorge said...

You'd figure that Dave would know each hotel and casino by their carpet swatches he's been there so many fucking times.


Beth said...

I have conferred with my photographer and I was, in fact, correct about both the hotels.

You don't come here for the saucy talk? What other reason could you be here for? Canuck hottie updates?

Kalev said...

I come here to feel superior to everyone else in the world. But then, that's why I go anywhere. :P

Anonymous said...

Bat girls. Hot.
Rabbits. Also hot.