Monday, September 24, 2007

They Don't Make It Like They Used To: My Skin

I think I've lost my ability to regenerate skin. I believe this happens when you get old; you just don't heal like you used to.

The front of my right ankle is torn up from two high speed encounters of my leg + a rock on my camping/hiking trip two weekends ago. The lateral side of my right ankle bears a massive wound inflicted on me by my hockey shinpad rubbing against my ankle during my first game back after a hockey-less year.

My right knee has finally recovered, with only a slight scar remaining, from a failed attempt to tag out a runner who was trying to get back to first base after a pop fly was caught, which ended with us both in the gravel and him safe. That was at my last softball game, August 18.

I have two cuts - one on my left knee and one just below my left knee, out to the left side - which I have no idea where they came from, but they seem to be healing rather slowly as well. Below that, on my left shin, is a reminder of a battle I had with a razer blade - which the razer blade definitively won. Lateral side of my left ankle - same deal. And I've just now noticed two scrapes on my right calf that I have no recollection of being there before.

And scar tissue on the top of my right foot bears witness to the cut I got from wearing these shoes - an injury that occurred early in the summer and is only just now starting to fade.

Similarly, a bee (or possibly hornet or possibly wasp) sting on the medial side of my right thigh, which I scratched until it bled as it was itchy as all hell, is still visible, again well over a month later.

And now I have two fresh blisters, one on the back of each heel, from the shoes I keep insisting on wearing with the thought "Sure, they've given me blisters every time I've worn them, but I'm positive I've broken them in now. This time will be different."

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Jorge said...

Only nerds use the word medial.

Good thing you're awesome, otherwise I'd have to report you.