Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things I Didnt Know Before I Went to the Finger 11 Concert Last Night

  • Finger 11 is from Burlington, Ontario. I grew up in the town next to Burlington. That means we are practically related.
  • You can buy Smirnoff Ice in a can.
  • The Croatian Cultural Centre has the worst acoustics in the history of the world.
  • Winnipeg produces good bands. At least, one in particular - Inward Eye. They had the combination of hot boys, good music and an insane amount of energy on stage.
  • Cute boys travel in packs at concerts.


Kelly said...

Is that last note to remind you to go to more concerts? :) Except when they are held at CCC, right?

Canada's so small I can say: I know the guy who was in F11 before they were big! He's the roommate of a friend/coworker. :)

Yay for concerts!!

Mike said...

Their original name was much better ... Rainbow Butt Monkey.

Sarah said...

Ahh...the Rainbow Butt Monkeys...

We saw Finger 11 a couple years ago at Edgefest and enjoyed the heck out of them. I am glad that your concert total now = 7.

Best band to come out of Winnipeg = The Weakerthans. Love.Love.LOVE.

Jeremy David said...

hahah mike beat me to it. I had no idea they were called the Rainbow Mutt Monkeys until last night.

It made me giggle.

Rebecca said...

Mike and Jeremy beat me to the only F11 trivia I knew :) The other piece of trivia was that they won the 97.7 HTZ-FM band search contest a few years back.