Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Badlands

Yesterday, we went to the Badlands. They were wickedly cool. They also have the richest museum EVER!

Here is a picture of the Albertasaurus:

Like most Albertans, it's a carnivore and kind of an a-hole.

This one is of another dinosaur, I think it's called a Vancouversaurus.

It's a tree hugger.


Jorge said...

Dude, why the hate-on for everything not BC?

Kelly said...

Wit wit wit!

Très drole, my dear...

Sarah said...

It is not just her...Calgary sucked, man. We liked many other parts of Alberta but Calgary...not so much.

Also - BC's official tourism slogan is "British Columbia -- the Greatest Place on Earth". It is hard not to get sucked in by the propaganda machine!