Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vancouver International Marathon!

I just registered for the Vancouver International (half) Marathon! I can't believe I'm actually going through with this!!! I must be crazy!!!

Training is becoming more challenging because (a) now that I have a job, I have a lot less time* for things like running and (b) my long runs are becoming, well, really long. I do my long runs on Sundays (or sometimes Tuesdays, if Saturday nights turn into a gong show). When my long runs got up to 12 k, I thought I was going to die. Then Danielle pointed out that I should be following the 10 and 1 plan (run for 10 minutes, walk for 1, repeat)... so I tried that the next week, when I had to run 14 k, and I felt sooo much better! The only problem was that I absolutely abhor looking at my watch when I run. It just totally stresses me out worrying about if I've run my 10 minutes or not. And it was Danielle to the rescue again! She suggested making a running playlist for my iPod that has 10 minutes of music, followed by 1 minute of something to walk to. So I put together a playlist of running music**, with 1 minute intervals of classical music for walking to... and it soooo rocked! Last week's long run was 16 k and after the 1 hour and 55 minutes that it took me, I didn't feel like I wanted to die (which I did after a mere 12 k of running straight) and I didn't have to get all stressed out looking at my watch... I could just relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset***.

Speaking of which, I should get out there and go for a run right now. Just a little 6 k today... no biggie. I can even return my overdue library book on the way. Hooray for multitasking! Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone. I'll give you a discussion topic to keep you busy in my absence: What songs should I add to my running playlist?

Oh ya, and just for the record, here's the route of the half marathon:

Ya, I must be crazy.

*yup, still haven't figured out how people with jobs get anything done.
**my playlist is heavy on the Groove Coverage, which is the best running music EVER!
***the giant holes in the ground where they are building the Canada Line were less enjoyable to look at.


Dave said...

You're pretty freakin' cool for running that half marathon. I've just started running again this month. If you need to go for a shortish (5 - 7k) run while we're in Calgary, I can be your running pal. Any longer than that and the only thing I'm good for is mixing drinks for your return.

Beth said...

Sweet! I will take you up on both those offers - as I will need to do both some short (6K) runs where you can be my running pal and some longer (8, 9 and 18K) runs where you can be my post-run bartender.

We can use to map out our runs in Calgary... because I know that your sense of direction is as good as mine, so unless Sarah is there to tell us where to go, we will most definitely get lost without a well-planned run.

Kelly said...


gmaps ( is also a really useful mapping tool.

Can't wait for May 6th!