Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm 55% Claudia Schiffer

I noticed that Kelly had a "My Celebrity Look-alikes" posting on Facebook. will put your picture through a "face recognition" program that will tell you which celebrities you look like. So, of course, I just had to try it out myself. They tell you that, for the best results, you are supposed to use a photo in which you are looking directly into the camera (meaning that my patented 3/4 profile with head tilt that I do in almost all of my photos wasn't going to cut it). I found a few useable photos and the first one that I used gave me the most ridiculous celebrities that it claimed I look like, including, I kid you not, a 56-year-old bald man. Unhappy with the results, I did what all great scientists do - I scrapped it and did it over. Photo #2 gave me "no matches" - as did photos 3 and 4! Photo #5 gave me some more reasonable celebrities - and by "reasonable" I mean ones that I wouldn't mind looking like*, not ones that I actually believe I look like. Judge for yourself:

Notably, there wasn't a single person who matched up with my first photo that matched up with my other photo. I was starting to doubt the reliability and validity of this so-called "face recognition" software. Also of note was that neither list included the two celebrities who I'm always told I look like, Emily Watson:

and Kellie Martin:
This whole thing reminded me of a posting that Dave did ages ago. Dave, if only you'd waited, you could have used this "face recognition" software that would have given you a list of celebrities that you don't really look like at all.

*well, except for Tori.


Duane said...

I'm gonna test it out... that's cool..

I get told I look like Ed Norton at least once a month, so I'm curious to see what it thinks...

Kalev said...

Scientists who can't do math: Patrick Stewart is 66, not 56.

Beth said...

Math is hard.

Kelly said...

You really do look like Emily Watson. Holy MOLY!


They say you look like Captain B. hehe! (You don't.)