Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Next Pandemic…

…is definitely going to originate from hockey equipment. That stuff is rancid! Have you ever smelled hockey equipment? Probably not, because if you had, you would not have survived and, therefore, could not be reading this blog entry. But trust me, it’s disgusting.

And speaking of hockey gear, my friends Danielle & Kim (a.k.a. Tenacious D and Gunner) stole my hockey jersey to put a nickname on the back. Aren’t they sweet?


Jorge said...

Is this some clever reference to you being the smartes of the seven dwarves?
Jorge ducks under his desk.

Beth said...

ha ha! you are lucky you ducked under that desk!

P.S. "smartes"? :P

Jorge said...

They call me Dopey.

Or the little-known eigth of the seven dwarves: Taipoh