Monday, February 06, 2006

Black Monday


The big news around these parts is
David's Emerson defection to the Tory party. Funniest thing I read about this:

On election night, however, Emerson told his supporters things like "We have got to look at this as Ground Zero for rebuilding a stronger, more vibrant, healthier, winning Liberal Party," and added to journalists, "I would like to be Stephen Harper's worst nightmare."

Apparently a healthier Liberal Party is one without David Emerson. Apparently Stephen Harper's worst nightmare is someone who sucks up to him, jumping ship to get cabinet position.

Emerson claims, "I was elected to serve the people of Vancouver-Kingsway." Funny thing is, the people of Vancouver-Kingsway didn't want a "Conservative"* MP! I've just checked the election results for the Vancouver-Kingsway riding:

  • David Emerson (Liberal) 17267
  • Ian Waddell (NDP) 15916
  • Jesse Johl ("Tory"*) 7037
I wonder how many people in that riding were voting strategically -- voting for the incumbent Liberal when they really wanted to vote NDP out of fear of electing a "Tory"*. If I were one of them (or anyone who voted for Emerson because I wanted a Liberal), I would sure be pissed off today!

I also find it interesting that no one has referred to Emerson as a whore, like so many people did when Belinda Stronach crossed the floor. We've come a long way, baby?

*I put the words "Conservative" and "Tory" in quotation marks because I can't bring myself to call this party the Tories, when they are clearly just the Canadian Alliance party (which was clearly just the Reform party).


Anonymous said...

I like to call them the morons actually.
I'm very afraid of being a brown guy today.

BTW my word verification was rascau.

That was one of my favourite shows growing up. The Little Rasaus were the highlight of my Saturday mornings.

Beth said...

My word verification is isnyn. It sounds like it should be a question - Isnyn?

Rebecca said...

You are so right! Where is the name calling and backstabbing and personal attacks? I am so going to call him names from now on!

My word was qetgf. I don't know - it doesn't really sound like anything.